June 11, 2010

Romantic Candles Are No Good When You Dine Alone

I'm not the best-looking dude, so I like to impress the ladies with my skills. That includes cooking. I just cooked what was perhaps the most impressive meal of my life. Sadly, the lady I intended to share it with, collapsed with a migraine about twenty minutes before it was ready. I guess she can have it microwaved, tomorrow. I just had my share, and it was glorious. Reheated, it'll only be excellent. *sigh*

Menu, for those that care:

Everything was homemade from scratch, for the principle of it.

  • Green salad
  • Split pea soup
  • Salmon, seared then baked, with lemon, rosemary, & chives
  • Brown rice pilaf with mirepoix, served with fresh cream sauce
  • Fresh steamed broccoli
  • Chocolate brownies

Making the brownies was the biggest PITA, but I did that and the soup a day ahead of time, which simplified things. Even so, I had all four burners and the oven running at the same time today. My roommate looked impressed, then got the hell out of the way when he saw me pull a cast iron skillet out of the oven.

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