May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

I'm visiting family for Memorial Day. How exciting, yes? I could march in the town parade, but I think I'd rather watch.

The weather has been very hot recently, so doing home-improvement stuff on my mother's place this weekend is not exactly an enticing idea. I guess I'll do it anyway, though.

Also, I got the first two books for my summer class, so I've got to start reading. The Haitian Revolution, what a cheerful subject.

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May 13, 2010

Confirmation of an Existing State

I have been declared officially a bachelor, which is strange, because I thought I already was one.

Yes, on Sunday, May 9th, 2010, the Regents of the University of New York at Buffalo, with the advice and concent of the faculty, conferred upon me the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

I intend to continue with my education, and have accepted enrollment in the Master's program here at UB. My acceptance is for the fall, but I talked the departmental secretary into forcing me into the one graduate-level class offered over the summer. May as well get started, I figure.

I celebrated my graduation with the company of family and friends, with the guest of honor being my grandmother, who endured a very unpleasant flight to get here. We all trooped off to the departmental ceremony on Saturday. The formal graduation itself was on Sunday, but I chose to skip that, as I couldn't get enough tickets for everyone. Also, I wasn't interested in a three-hour affair that didn't have any speakers I wanted to hear.

Instead of the formal graduation on Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day at my apartment. Attending were my mother, grandmother, father, and uncle and aunt Frank and Pat. We met to decide what to see in Buffalo, but with lousy weather, we just spent all day around my table, conversing.

My grandmother has surely had many Mother's Day dinnners. I suspect this was the first one that consisted of delivery pizza. In my defense, I ordered from the best pizzaria in the area.

So thank you to all that attended, and my apologies to the others that I could not invite. I'm sure I'll be seeing just about all my relatives at this summer's two weddings, and as to my friends, we'll surely hang out sometime.

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May 03, 2010

All Seminars

Fall semester schedule arranged. Doing History [i.e. theory and practice of historiography], Early Modern Europe Core, American Core, History of the Book. I may drop one, as that's one more class than full-time, and it would be a mistake to overcommit and fall behind.

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