June 14, 2015

Or Death.

This wasn't a set-up from the previous post, I promise. But two people that I had emotional connections to just died, and I'm not feeling like blogging at the moment.

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June 08, 2015


I like cake. I very much like cake. But there's a limit. In the past ten days, I've eaten eleven different cakes. Folks, I'm done with cake for a while. I need a cake break.

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June 04, 2015

Birthday One-Upping

I just discovered that a woman in my book club has the same birthday as I do. That's cool. She's also a twin, so like me she shares the birthday with her twin.

She married a guy that has the same birthday.

They got married on the day of their mutual birthday.

I know it's not a competition, but I feel like I've been outdone.

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June 01, 2015

Put My Feet Up

It is a inevitable that just before a vacation, things will go haywire at work. But I made it through, and now I've got a week to relax. Sadly, I can't take the canoe anywhere yet, because the life jackets have been delayed. But we're going to Letchworth on the weekend and we can surely rent a canoe there. In the meanwhile, I intend to do some reading, gaming, and serious exercising. Naturally, of course, the weather is also unseasonably cold.

We were going to bike to a classic car show this evening, but my better half is currently napping. She's just now getting over a bout of illness, so the cars can wait for another day.

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