February 13, 2015

Yet More Snow

So, this weekend should be like most of my weekends: I get up Saturday morning, go to work, come home at night, sleep, get up Sunday and work all that day too.

Except there's going to be a mighty blizzard while I'm at work on Saturday. They are calling for another foot of snow, with temperatures so cold that road salt doesn't work, and high winds giving wind chills of -25 or so, well into the rapid-onset frostbite area.

So I'm bringing some extra food to work, because there's a distinct chance that I'm going to get stuck there for a while. I put some frozen food in the trunk of my car, but upon further thinking I'm going to put it in a cooler, because I'm probably going to pull my car into the loading bay. When it's inside a garage like that, it not only will be out of the snow, it might be warm enough that my battery can crank it.

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February 04, 2015

More Snow

I don't think Buffalo's received an unusual quantity of snow this year. What's unusual is that most winters we get an occasional thaw that melts off much of what's already on the ground. With no thaws this year, the snow just keeps piling up.

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