June 28, 2014

I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video

I wasn't sure if I should tag this as humor or not. It's one of those "comedy lets one express painful truths" things, I think.

Although I still read an entire book all at once.

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June 08, 2014

Pale Blue Dot

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June 07, 2014

Cake Day

Well, it's over. Future references to "my fiancée" will henceforth be "my wife". I was wracked with nervousness starting the night before the wedding, and I am eternally grateful to my best man and the rest of the groomsmen for keeping me on schedule and on track. My bride was a vision in white, and the minister did his part admirably. (A friend joked that he should go to more Methodist weddings, because we started exactly on time and it didn't last forever.) Lovely music was provided by relatives on both sides of the family.

The reception also went quite well. I'm quite glad we decided to hold it at a banqueting hall, because that meant the staff have done about a zillion wedding receptions before and they had it down to a science. My fiancée's wife's family loves to dance, which nicely made up for the fact that my family‚Ķ doesn't.

The weather was sunny and hot, but not humid, so while I would have preferred it to be ten degrees cooler, it still was preferable to the thunderstorms that came the next day.

The cat seemed glad to see us when we came home, but I suspect she will be plunged into a deep depression when we go on our honeymoon in a few days. We have people coming over to check on her, but still.

Finally, we've got an enormous pile of presents to unwrap and a disturbing number of notes to write.

But I'm glad that so many people traveled so far to support us.

And now, life goes on.

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June 7th

Big day today. Lots to do.


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June 01, 2014

June Is Here

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. The whole getting married thing takes up a lot of mental energy.

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