June 30, 2009

The Bells

SUNY Buffalo, my fair university, has two campuses. South Campus is the old one, from when this was a private school. North Campus is on a huge tract of land bought when the university accepted Governor Rockefeller's offer (that could not be refused, if you get my drift.)

South Campus is where the old buildings are. One of those buildings is Hayes Hall. It predated the University purchasing the land, which had been the Erie County Almshouse and Insane Asylum.

Hayes Hall has a clock tower, added in 1910 or so. Today I learned what is inscribed upon the clock's bell.

"All truth is one. In this light, may science and religion endeavor here for the steady evolution of mankind. From darkness to light, from narrowness to broad-mindedness, from prejudice to tolerance, it is the voice of life, which calls us to come and learn."

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June 27, 2009

Om Nom Nom

So: a week or two ago I make some peanut butter cookies. I made two pans worth really big, to combine with homemade ice cream into ice cream cookie sandwiches. Vanilla ice cream tasted underwhelming, so I mixed in a bunch of cocoa powder and it was delicious.

I went to the effort for a picnic I and some friends were going to have at Shakespeare in the Park; Friday we were going to go see the Tempest. But word of the trip got out, more people became interested, and suddenly I wasn't going to have enough ice cream sandwiches to go around. Playing favorites was not going to be polite, so I whipped up a bunch of devilled eggs instead.

Then we cancelled the picnic on account of thunderstorms. So now I've got a bunch of devilled eggs and ice cream sandwiches. It's a terrible tragedy, in that I've eaten a bunch of them today, and it is terribly unhealthy. But delicious!

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June 26, 2009

Perspective, People

Hello, there's a revolution going on in a strategically important country. Why is the news consumed with the death of an entertainer?

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June 21, 2009

His Mother's Name Is Not Actually Yenta

This morning I was surprised to note that my flatmate was dressed up, something he disdains. Then his parents showed up, to take him to meet... a young eligible doctor. I was hard-put to mask my amusment, which I think would have been unwelcome.

It seems that the daughter of a old family friend from the Old Country (India) earned her medical degree over there, but has come to the US for her residency. Specifically, she's a resident here in Buffalo, and in a tremendous coincidence, she has an apartment a mere two miles from where I am sitting. So my flatmate's mother (and father) came out to Buffalo to drag their son over to her place and "introduce" them.

For all my irritation at the way some members of my family like to put in an oar whenever the topic meanders it's way to my love life, I'm certainly greatful that I have never been subjected to such outright matchmaking.

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June 17, 2009

Get Off My Lawn!

In my archaeology lecture tonight, we were discussing the Old Europe/Mother Goddess hypothesis, and why modern archaeologists think it's a load of bunk. Anyway, part of that hypothesis is that the utopian peace-loving agrarian maternalistic culture of neolithic Europe is swept away by the Kurgan people from the Russian steppes, who bring violence, patriarchy, and all the nasty things in life.

Anyway, as the instructor first mentioned the Kurgan people, he flicks to the next slide in the powerpoint, to reveal...

I laughed out loud. Then I noticed no one else was laughing. I looked at the other dozen people in the lecture, and all of them looked confused, including the ones staring at me.

After the lecture ended, I went up to the instructor to sympathize with him on kids these days not knowing the classics. He told me that he'd made a bet with his roommate that I would be the only one in the class that got the joke. Sadly, I guess he won.

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Selective Hearing

What my flatmate said: "Wow, sure is raining. I guess you'll have to drive to class today."

What I heard: "You are soft and weak. You lack the strength and endurace to endure riding your bike to class."

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get my raingear out of the closet.

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Type Type Type Type

I turned in a term paper for a history class last night, which was a relief. I got to class somewhat early. There was one student that had not finished his paper, and tried to convince the rest of the class to all get together and appeal for more time. He failed because the rest of us had completed our papers on time.

Now I need to read a 40 page archaeological report on a mid-ninteenth century boarding house, and digest it down into a two page summary. I suppose I could just photocopy the paper abstract, but (a) that'd be plagarism, and (b) that's not what the instuctor wants.

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June 11, 2009

Another Tragic Loss?

I've been back for three days now. There have been no birds in the robin nest by my back door. I suspect some tragedy has befallen them.

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June 03, 2009


One year ago today, I was aboard a large ship in the Pacific Ocean. I was depressed: I had a pending reenlistment package, and was trying to decide if I wanted to go Career Marine, or go back to college. I was stressed from work. I was sick of the bad food. I was irritable from the crowded conditions of shipboard life.

At the end of my shift, my friends and coworkers surprised me with a custom-made birthday cake, with frosting and candles. I was so happy, it was like dawn breaking. That's why I agonized about leaving the Corps; your comrades are like a second family.

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June 01, 2009

No Presents

My twin and I will be seeing each other two days after our mutual birthday. This is very exciting; for the last few birthdays, we've been across the world from each other.

But seeing as how we're coming together for a memorial service, celebrations are not in order. Perhaps next year she and I will be able to get together for our birthday under happier circumstances.

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