November 29, 2008

Airport Pickup

Mom arrived on schedule at the Binghamton airport. Apparently all four flights she was on for this trip arrived on-time. That's got to be a record!

We're back at her place now, and her cat is being much more sociable than normal. Cats are independant, but still get lonely when Mom's away for a week.

Katie still chases her hind leg, too. Dogs chase tails, but Katie chases her leg. *shrug*

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Turkey Day

My big sister has hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner at her place for the last nine years, at three different locations. This year we broke with tradition, and hosted at my father's place. With him still recovering, we decided to spare him travel. Plus, Sis lives in the middle of nowhere.

Attending were Dad and I, Sis and BIL and their daughter, and her in-laws. A turkey was deep-fried out in the back yard, we had three pies, rolls, casserole, mashed potatoes, and a few other items I'm undoubtedly forgetting. Annoyingly, there was a prominently missing item: ice cream. The night before, I'd mixed up some, and had lots of ice stored up. But my ice cream maker is no where to be found. I wonder if I might have given it away in a previous move. While Dad does have a maker, it's hand-cranked, and the only grandchild present is only 3.5, not yet up to the task. And I wasn't about  to crank it myself for an hour. Perhaps I'll obtain a new ice-cream maker at the holiday sales, although I suspect it's not one of the home appliances traditionally given at Christmas.

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November 26, 2008

I Do Not Feel Very Thankful

Got a letter today from the SUNY Albany undergraduate admissions committee. After reviewing my application, they have declined to offer me admission to their University, but feel confident I will find success elsewhere blah blah blah.

So I guess on Friday I'll be calling up UB. I wonder if Ms. Ford, the Comm Dept secretary, still remembers me? I never formally withdrew from UB, so I am hopeful I may be able to just sign up for classes again without reapplying.

I'm feeling a bit down right now. I give it a week until my ego returns to its typical titanic size.

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November 24, 2008

Just My Trick Knee

This morning I ran my knee into the corner of the coffee table. Ouch, no biggie. Then this afternoon after my walk with Dad, it began to hurt a lot. I'm now noticibly limping. I blame age.

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November 22, 2008

Off and Away

Last night I drove to Owego, so I could get up rather early this morning and drop Mom off at the airport for her flight to Baton Rouge.

Today it was quite nice at 0500, only a light dusting of snow on the car. So we went in my Cavalier instead of her Forester, because my car warms up faster, and no four-wheeling seemed indicated. Boy was I wrong, because as we headed east to Binghamton Airport, things got nasty in a hurry. Plenty of wet snow on the roads, very slippery. Still, we got here there in time, I drove back to Owego, and went back to bed. That last was to cat Katie's great disappointment; when I walked back in at 0630, she was convinced that it was playtime, and I had to eject her my from bedroom to get any rest at all.

Before she left, I gave technophobe Mom a rundown on basic operation of her new cell phone. I wonder how much of it she'll retain? And she left it turned off in the morning, which is not exactly a good sign about her "getting" how a cell phone works.

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November 21, 2008

Good For Horses and Scots

This morning I was enjoying a nice big bowl of oatmeal. Then I mused that it would be entertaining to travel back in time twenty years and tell Young Me that as an adult I had the financial wherewithal to eat Lucky Charms every morning, yet I chose to eat oatmeal of my own free will.

Young Me would be disappointed, in that it was clear that some effect sucked all the fun out of adults, but he'd hoped to avoid it himself.

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November 20, 2008

Mall Walking

What with the steady snow all day, we decided Dad needed to walk somewhere indoors. To the mall! Bright an early! Why, we were there at five! Um, five PM, that is. No reason to rush into these things.

We did a full circuit, which is a decent distance, less than a mile but more than a half-mile at a guess. We did have to sit down for three breaks, but it wasn't shortness of breath, it was leg fatigue. Prolonged bed rest and multiple hospitalizations have done bad things to his muscles.

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November 19, 2008

Home Time

Dad was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital this morning. I was irrationally optimistic and came in with just a book to read. I should have brought my laptop, as we didn't get out until just after four PM.

He's doing fairly well, the steroids seem to be helping. While half of his diaphragm remains paralyzed, he's managing to breath well enough with the other half. His inhalation volume is up to about 90% of where it was before the latest hospitalization, which is better than it was when he was sent home following the operation. So we just need to exercise to keep both lungs inflating fully, and hope that the diaphragm will recover on it's own.

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November 17, 2008

We Elected an Ox

Via the Economist's Daily Chart feature, the breakdown of US Presidents via signs of the Chinese zodiac.

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Everybody Just Take a Deep Breath. Er, Sorry, Poor Choice of Words

Dad's at Corning Hospital, which is part of the same Guthrie network as Robert Packard, where he had the bypass done. So I assumed that the heart surgeon had been brought into the discussions of Dad's case. I was wrong, as my BIL discovered when he called the surgeon this morning.

Anyway, the surgeon thinks that it's not as serious as the pulmonary specialists do, that it's just a temporary post-surgical inflammation that will go away in a couple of weeks. While he certainly is expected to assume the best outcome of the work he does, it makes me happy to know that there's at least one doctor who thinks this is no big deal.

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