August 10, 2015

Not Sure If It's Still My Largest Organ

So, a week ago today (Monday) I was on a bike ride.

That's not in any way unusual. Swimming is boring, running is uncomfortable, so cycling is where it's at. (Cross-country skiing is nice too, but the limitations are obvious.)

I was figuring on going out for an hour or so and covering twenty miles. To warm up, I headed for a nearby park, which has a looping bike trail. I'd do two or three loops to get loose, then head north into the farming country.

The second turn on that bike trail loop is a sharp downhill right. I've taken it literally hundreds of times, but this time as I was leaned over going around it, my rear tire lost traction and skidded out. I was leaned over far enough to make recovery impossible, so down I went on the pavement at 16.8 mph.

I was very happy that I was wearing my cycling gloves. The leather palms do help pad your hands on the handlebars, but their most important mission to to be an ablative armor for your hands. I burned entirely through that leather palm, but only had a few minor cuts on my right hand.

The rest of me wasn't quite so lucky. I had road rash on my shoulder, all the way down my arm, on my hip, and on the outside of my right leg. The hip was by far the worst. I had kept my head up, so I didn't so much as touch my helmet to the ground.

I managed to ride myself home, then peeled out of the damaged clothing. The gloves were ruined, and so were my bib shorts. Oh well. We didn't have any gauze in the house, so we called upon my sister-in-law across town. Her husband is a nurse. Unfortunately he was out of town camping, but she brought over the drawer into which he empties his pockets when he gets home from work.

I had to work the next day, which wasn't fun at all. I broke the office dress code by wearing a polo shirt, because I couldn't get comfortable with a dress shirt over my arm dressings. The hip was the worst. Normally I try to get up from my chair and walk around whenever possible, but Tuesday I just planted myself and tried not to move much.

Wednesday through Friday I had off, time which I spent productively by not moving much and healing. The weekend at work wasn't great, but oh well. Tomorrow I'm back at work, but I've got a nice professional dressing for my hip, and most of the rest of me is fine.

I can't laze about all summer, though. I'm going to try running on Wednesday, and see how it feels.

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