March 07, 2016

The Old Ticker

I went for a run today, and also signed up for my first half-marathon, which will take place in a couple of months. I've got some work to do on my running.

But also today, I found out that a brother-in-law went to the hospital for a cardiac catheterization, and they decided to put in a stent then and there. Obviously they didn't like what the catheterization revealed.

This is a good reminder to me about keeping up my fitness. I work an office job with long hours, which has caused me to gain weight. Just the other day I saw some photos of my father at my age, and he's about one inch shorter and probably thirty pounds lighter. He sure wasn't jogging. So not just running, I need to work on my eating too.

But circling back to the cardiac stent, we live in an age of miracles. Doctors analyzed the function of the beating heart, and performed some plumbing repairs. How awesome is that? Awesome in the modern sense, but also in the older sense, in that I am filled with awe.

Anyway, BIL, get well soon. And I'd better get fit, or I'm going to get embarrassed at the half-marathon.

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