February 10, 2013

Meet Aria

I have inexplicably failed to mention that Hil and I got a new cat, almost a month ago! Where has the time gone?

Anyway, Aria is now about seven months old. She's black except for a few stray white hairs, some of them clumped together but not in sufficient numbers to form a white patch worthy of the name. When we got her, she'd been spayed only two days earlier and was still recovering from the surgery. Once her incision healed, she got a lot more active and started meowing and purring with great enthusiasm.

The first few days in her new home, she was shy and afraid of strangers. As she's settled in, she's become much more willing to socialize. Last night we had a party, and I expected her to spend it in the basement; instead she wandered around demanding that people amuse her with cat toys. The people generally did.

As I write this, she's sleeping on my lap, the first time she's done that. I'd tried putting her on my lap before, but she always immediately left, seeking a higher vantage point on whatever piece of furniture looked most interesting. I think I shall build her some climbing structure.

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