February 22, 2013

Inductive Charging

Being not a very romantic sort, for Valentine's Day I got Hil an inductive charging back for her smartphone, and a two-position inductive charger for us to share. (I also got her flowers, candy, and took her to a restaurant. I'm not completely hopeless at these things.)

I got it for her because her phone's charging port has been damaged, and it's a real PITA to keep the charging cable plugged in. Plus, her phone model doesn't have very good battery life. Combined, the two factors made charging her phone a continual irritation.

The Energizer-branded charger follows the Qi standard, which is a clever bit of branding. Basically, you lay your smartphone on top of a pad, and the pad and the phone do a quick EM handshake, then it starts to charge wirelessly. The handshake is so the charger won't operate if there's a chunk of unrelated metal sitting on top of it, which would be an obvious fire hazard. The phones charge about as fast as they do while plugged in, but without the hassle of plugging, tripping over cords, etc. I highly recommend inductive charging for everyone that has a compatible phone.

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1 It is awesome!

Posted by: hil at Friday, February 22 2013 09:42 PM (4XLSR)

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